7 thoughts on “Tribute album release date

  1. Evert Hamminga says:

    Dear Chris,

    I sincerely hope the project will happen. Have you thought about some advertisement on bigger occasions? I know you have chosen to have a deadline but letting know the visitors of Montreux and North Sea (Rotterdam) might help to find extra people who will contribute. If there has ever been a person to deserve a tribute by his closest friends it is Al.

    Kind Greetings, Evert Hamminga


  2. SA says:

    I am interested, but I would love to purchase Chris Walker’s CD that was available on the Dave Koz and Friends Sea Cruise the week of May 13, 2018. How can I get a copy of his CD? We were not able to purchase because of the ship closing all sales. Can you assist me?


  3. Kenneth Brown says:

    Dear Chris,
    The Al Jarreau tribute will really by a massive and befitting hit all over the world. Certainly looking forward to it. My wife and I were on the Dave Koz Venice and beyond cruise, 2018 and were so looking forward to Al’s performance. Unfortunately there was a higher calling for him. The Al tribute you led on the cruise is still vividly in my memory my brother. Can’t wait for this tribute release.

    We again looking forward to meet and hear you perform at 2nd Dave Koz 2019 Sydney Cruise. How can you heal a broken heart……

    Kenneth and Odette Brown from Johannesburg, South Africa


    1. chriswalkersmusic says:

      Hello Kenneth,
      I appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience from 2018. I’m certainly looking forward to meeting you and your wife.

      Incidentally, I will be performing in Pretoria, July 7, 2019, for the Tribute to Eddie Zondi concert at the Sun Arena. Hopefully, you and Odette will be able to attend. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you both on the cruise! Make sure you get the new CD early on the ship…many people have inquired about purchasing a copy. I’m bringing a limited number, but I’ll save one for you!

      Blessings & Love Always,
      Chris 🙂


      1. Kenneth Brown says:

        Hi Chris,

        Wow, I have put 7 July in our schedule. We will definitely be at the Eddie Zondi tribute concert.

        Thanks for getting back to us and reserving the new CD for us. Looking forward to the cruise. We are on the second sailing.

        Kind regards

        Kenneth and Odette


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